Uncommon Games
Based in Marseille, France

Founding date:
August 1st, 2013


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Son Of Light

Uncommon Games
733 Avenue de la Mounine
13320 Bouc Bel Air

+33 6 21 44 69 13


Independent video game studio founded by a creative psycho! We love creating innovative games and we have more idea than time to complete them.


Birth of « Uncommon Games »

It is in 2010 that Romain Giraud and Maximilien Moussalli began to work together. In a first time, they worked on video game projects during their engineering studies, which were followed by two internships together, always in the same field, the first one at Stonetrip and the second at Exkee. They were professionally separated when they entered the working life. Yet, a crazy idea kept reunited them: to create their own video game company. Several ideas encouraged them to quit their jobs in order to be full-time committed to a project.

Birth of « Gravit »

One idea among others distinguished itself by its originality and its feasibility. Thus, in May 2012, Gravit project was born. Since then, a whole reflection followed about the gameplay, the technical means to use, the originality of the scenario and the world... In short, they started to build a world, their world.

Crowdfunding campaign

One year later, which is to say a hundred choices and a thousand working hours and lines of code later, we came to an end of the creation process first stage: the prototype. Only a coating is missing to convert Gravit into a small masterpiece. But it still requires a lot of work! It is for this reason that they decided to resort to crowdfunding campaign, in order to fund the game and achieve all the goals they are dreaming about. The game will be released with or without cash infusion. But botching a game with so many possibilities is not part of their habits.

Birth of « Son of Light »

The crowdfunding campaign for Gravit has not met its target. Without good graphics, this is obvious for us now. A graphic designer should have worked with us on this project and we wanted to make a new trailer of the game with more dynamism and polish. But the artists are sometimes complicated... This graphic designer doesn't give us any sign of life. Moreover Romain Giraud had to leave the Uncommon Games studio. This is why the Gravit project is in stand by now. Thus, working alone, I wanted to create a simple and effective project for iOS and Android. Thus was born at the end of 2014: Son of Light



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Maximilien Moussalli
Developer, game designer, temporary designer

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