Gravit is an original 2D platform game, combining reflection and adventure, that will make you face the end of the world. The purpose of this video game is to bring together several singularities around a major originality: the gradual change of gravity in a dynamic platform game.


  • Gravity: Normal, Low, Zero, Reversed
  • Dynamic platform game: physics is a core feature
  • Dynamic fluids: water buble in zero gravity, hydraulic challenges…
  • Grappling hook: Swing from branch to branch like Tarzan or Spiderman.
  • Sword of power: cut scenary element in order to clear your way or build bridges
  • Temporal vortex: slow projectils, outsmart time in order to reach new areas
  • Celerity boots: run at full speed to avoid death,
  • Antigravity boots: reverse the gravity of the character to pass through the obstacles