Uncommon Games

Uncommon Games is an independent video game studio located in Marseille, France

Color Go Server – CGS

Color Go Server, or CGS, is an Internet Go server enabling you to play against other players, worldwilde, in real time and directly from your browser. Its main purpose is to facilitate Go (game) discovery and learning, by updating its design and by adding some tools making the rules easier to understand.


Gravit is an original 2D platform game, combining reflection and adventure, that will make you face the end of the world. The purpose of this video game is to bring together several singularities around a major originality: the gradual change of gravity in a dynamic platform game.


  • Gravity: Normal, Low, Zero, Reversed
  • Dynamic platform game: physics is a core feature
  • Dynamic fluids: water buble in zero gravity, hydraulic challenges…
  • Grappling hook: Swing from branch to branch like Tarzan or Spiderman.
  • Sword of power: cut scenary element in order to clear your way or build bridges
  • Temporal vortex: slow projectils, outsmart time in order to reach new areas
  • Celerity boots: run at full speed to avoid death,
  • Antigravity boots: reverse the gravity of the character to pass through the obstacles



« Son of Light » is an arcade video game of the Uncommon Games studios inspired by the great retro type “Shoot Them Up” and the mechanics of games such as “Runner”. This free game offers you to cross the universe at the speed of light. Your mission is to overcome in a row the 10 levels that will come to you while eradicating sneaky enemies and colossal bosses! This game is easy to pick up for occasional players while allowing a lot of fun for advanced players! Collect crystals and upgrade your ship!


  • In one go, face waves of enemies and bosses to save the universe!
  • Explosive bonuses, piñatas, rainbows and many more!
  • Improve your shields, jet engines, guns, shootguns, missiles, lasers…
  • Set up your weapons according to your objectives.
  • Many secondary missions to unlock new upgrades!
  • Accumulate speed bonuses to reach the speed of light!
  • Collect crystals to upgrade your equipment.
  • Accessible for both beginners and fierce gamers of hardcore shooting games.
  • Survival mode