Color Go Server – CGS

Color Go Server, or CGS, is an Internet Go server enabling you to play against other players, worldwilde, in real time and directly from your browser. Its main purpose is to facilitate Go (game) discovery and learning, by updating its design and by adding some tools making the rules easier to understand.

Why CGS ?

Go is an fascinating game which has been played for almost 3000 years. This seniority is a mark of quality. Still, it is a difficult game for beginners to grasp, which prevents them from capturing its depth and beauty.

However, the basic rules are extremely easy and can be learned within 5 minutes … But the final goal, to control a bigger territory than his opponent, remains hard for beginners to visualize.

This is why CGS’s purpose is to help new players learning the game rules in a more intuitive way.

Helping begginers


CGS stands out with its unique game board display. Players slide from a sober board with black and white stones to a colorful board where each territories take shape in real time.

With its attractive design, CGS could pick the curiosity of new Go players.


The game main objective, to control a territory, is hard for beginners to visualize.

On CGS, beginners will be able to intuitively understand how a territory is built or modified by instantly visualizing the impact of every move.


In a game of Go, each stone has a certain influence on the board. This is very hard for a beginner to visualize on a traditional board. CGS points out territories by highlighting this influence.

By simply enlightening each stones, the board illuminates itself, revealing each players territory. It is then a battle of colors between two sides: the most intense influence is more likely to conquer the territory.

Weak groups

Another complex concept for beginners to visualize is the strength or weakness that a group has on the board. Indirectly, the display of territories shows to what extent a group can be surrounded. With CGS, at a glance, a player will be able to spot if a group is endangered.

This way, it will be easier for a begginer to avoid placing a stone in dangerous areas.


User could choose his preferred design among different themes

User Interface

The user interface is revisited in order to make it looks like a versus fighting video game. This will be more fun for casual players.

The interface is inspired by medieval fantasy to better harmonize with the style of the game board.
Even if the design is relooked, the interface features remain classical:

  • a board
  • a chat
  • a section for each player which contains: the display name, the avatar, the rank, the clock and the count of the captured stones
  • buttons to pass, resign or undo

Ideas under consideration

Adventure mode

To really start playing Go smoothly, the best still is to be taught by someone who knows his basics.

This is why CGS should integrate an adventure mode in which, for example, the player will take on the role of a perfect beginner willing to become a Go champion. Accompanied by a virtual teacher, the game rules will be interactively transmitted to him. Exercises and confrontations against virtual opponents will encourage him to progress.

Throughout his advancement in this mode, the player will discover new rules and tips to improve his game:

  • Direction of play
  • Big moves
  • Easiest Josekis
  • Basic Tsumegos
  • Shapes

The aim will be to lead a new player to a 15-20 kuy level. He can then continue the adventure by taking part in tournaments that integrate real players his level.

Sponsorship and schools

A sponsorship system can also be added. A beginner would become the student of a more experienced player on the server. He would determine the level he wants to reach and will be directed to the teacher(s) most likely to make him achieve his goal.

Virtual schools could emerge in the game and enable the training of a greater number of students.

Gameplay analysis

Getting a game review will be simple as clicking on a button thanks to an automatic request. This way, someone more experienced can comment on the reviewed game and advise the player(s) involved.

An Artificial Intelligence can also be used to analyze a game.


  • When will CGS be released?
    CGS server is expected for April-May 2020. The exact date will be available at a later stage. There are chances for a beta to be available a little earlier.
  • How to play on CGS ?
    The CGS Go server will be accessible worldwide through your internet browser at
  • Will CGS be free ?
    Yes, that is the aim, although servers have a cost. CGS will rely on players donations. Possibly with ads if donations are not enough.
  • In which language will CGS be available ?
    First, French and English. Then, other languages ​​will be added depending on users.


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